Weekly Challenge | Top 20 Boudoir + Portrait Images Using Water

November 26, 2018

Last week we launched weekly challenges in our Facebook Group that encourage our community to get involved and showcase their art and talent. The weeks topic was #getwet. We directed our community to submit images using wet textures in their photography to add depth and interest to an image. Her are the top images from this week:

Amandalynn Jones Boudoir Water

Amandalynn Jones

Danielle Anderson‎ Boudoir Lake

Danielle Anderson‎

Jennifer Baugh Bathtub Boudoir

Jennifer Baugh

Jes Withone Ess‎ Couples Lake Boudoir

Jes Withone Ess‎ 

Jess Marie John Bathtub Boudoir

Jess Marie John

Kelsey Raber glitter boudoir

Kelsey Raber 

Kim Swendsen Boudoir Ice Cube Nipple

Kim Swendsen 

Lisa McCoy Couples Ocean Photography

Lisa McCoy

Megan Garzone Beach Boudoir

Megan Garzone

Nicci Marie Wiedman Wet Tshirt Boudoir

Nicci Marie Wiedman

Nicole Boulton Lake Boudoir

Nicole Boulton

Nicole Nawrot Bathtub Boudoir

Nicole Nawrot

Paige Rynberg‎ Nude Boudoir

Paige Rynberg

Rebekah Nathan Puddle Boudoir

Rebekah Nathan

Samantha Gentry Shower Boudoir

Samantha Gentry

Sydney Aaron Ivie Milk Bath Maternity Boudoir

Sydney Aaron Ivie

Tati BVier Wet Tshirt Boudoir

Tati BVier

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