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Elizabeth Craig Education Weekly Challenge | Top Black and White Boudoir Images Weekly Challenge Rachel Franke Neckar‎ Sondra Lee‎ Danielle Anderson‎ Amandalynn Jones‎ AmberLee Fuller‎ Ashley Thomas Stephenson‎ Cheyenne Flemming‎ Jenna Perry‎ Melody Dollarhide‎ Sinead Dubeau‎ Alexis Ho... How to make your boudoir clients more comfortable Business Tips What I see is that there are a lot of articles out there for clients on how to prepare for their sessions, but there are barely any articles out there on how to prepare photographers for their sessio... A Womanifesto on Mean Women PERSONAL The world of women that lives inside my heart… We are a tribe of compassion, at our most compassionate when one of us has fallen and is need of a safe place to rest, while learning your hard lesso... Elizabeth Craig Education Weekly Challenge | Top Boudoir Booty Images Weekly Challenge Alaynna Marr Amandalynn Jones AmberLee Fuller Amy Broersma Amy Mello Panucci Angel Clare Brad Baugh Britney Bates Brittany Hutchinson‎ Brooke Mathis Cheyenne Flemming Jennifer Baugh Mary ... Elizabeth Craig Education Weekly Challenge | Top Boudoir + Portrait Self Portrait Images Weekly Challenge   Abby Gleason‎  Debra Alison‎‎ Amy Broersma Amy Mello Panucci Birdie Lyn Pavlik   Brittany Hutchinson‎ Cheyenne Flemming Danielle Anderson Juli A... The Martyr Is Dying | 5 tips to not working yourself to exhaustion Business Tips I know. You’re starting a new business. Or, your expanding your already existing business. You have a running list of never-ending tasks a mile long, the kids forgot your name and your spouse is b... Weekly Challenge | Top 20 Boudoir + Portrait Images Using Water Weekly Challenge Last week we launched weekly challenges in our Facebook Group that encourage our community to get involved and showcase their art and talent. The weeks topic was #getwet. We directed our community to ... In Person Sales Tips for Photographers Business Tips In person sales can be a true nerve-inducing, sweat-producing, full on panic situation. I get it. But what if you set yourself up for success ahead of time so that all your fears can just melt away?... 5 Question Interview Series with a Boudoir Hair and Make Up Artist | Lee Ann/AtHome Beauty Business Tips   There are so many influences and moving pieces that come together to create an incredible boudoir shoot experience. It's not just about the photographer behind the camera, the client, the ... Who is Responsible for Wardrobe? Business Tips   I will give you a hint: not you. Now listen, is it beneficial for you to have some fabric or key pieces or accessories to toss in when you need it? Absolutely. However,  if you ca...